Tuition and Payment 

Tuition for Savannah’s Violin Studio is all-inclusive of all lessons and fees for all scheduled weeks of private lessons for the semester. Payment for the month is due prior to the first lesson of the month. Payments not submitted before the first lesson are considered late, and will have a $10 late fee added to the total. There will be no tuition roll overs, and if a lesson is missed, it can either be made up during the times I have set aside for make-up lessons or if the scheduling does not work out, the missed lesson will not be refunded.

Summer lessons are determined based on teacher and student availability, with a required minimum of six lessons over the course of the summer. Scheduling can be worked out individually with the teacher based on availability, and tuition will be charged accordingly. Summer tuition can either be paid in one payment prior to the first summer lesson, or lesson by lesson. Please speak with the teacher to confirm your summer payment plan.

Tuition is calculated based on the length of the lesson. Beginners are required to start with a 30-minute lesson once a week and can continue with this lesson time until they finish Suzuki Book 1. Upon completion of Suzuki Book 1, students are expected to move into a 45-minute time slot until otherwise directed by the teacher. Upon teacher’s discretion or student’s request, lesson time can be increased to 1 hour.

Beginner Student (through Suzuki Book 1) – 30-minute lesson required

$25/lesson (for summer enrollment only) or $110/month (September-December 2020)

Intermediate Students (Suzuki Book 2-4) – 45-minute lesson required

$38/lesson (for summer enrollment only) or $162/month (September-December 2020)

Advanced Students (determined by teacher discretion or student request) – 1 hour

$50/lesson (for summer enrollment only) or $213/month (September-December 2020)


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