Teaching Philosophy & Tuition Rates

Philosophy of Teaching.. From a Christian Perspective

As a Christian music instructor, I seek to integrate faith as a foundational element to the process and experience of learning music.

To learn more about the theology behind music education, please click HERE

The Importance of Childhood Musical Education

As an instructor, I focus on giving quality musical instruction to children preK through high school. With this as a target age group, it is important to understand the significance and benefits of early childhood musical education.

For more information about the importance of music from the perspective of Biblical and secular research, please click HERE

Tuition Rates

Tuition for Savannah’s Violin Studio is all-inclusive of all lessons and calculated based on the length of the lesson. 

30-minute lesson (advised for beginner students through Suzuki Book 1)


45-minute lesson (advised for intermediate students through Suzuki Book 2-3)


60-minute lesson (advised for advanced students (determined Suzuki Book 4 and above)


Additional studio policies will be made available to newly enrolled students in a welcome letter!